Friday, 19 July 2013

Just a quick update

Wow to sure where the past two weeks of gone but here I am again.
Things were busy as I was gone for 5 days on a girl weekend. Fabulous time was had and we are hoping to do it once every year. 
I did manage to get some stuff done though on my list so I'm really happy. In fact I got organizing done that wasn't on the list. So score one for me. Lol

1. Step out of my box. 
Well this is probably the one thing I need to work on the most. I'm really struggling so if you think about me please take a moment and pray. 

2. Enjoy life. 
Well I sure enjoyed my trip. Lol. However I've really noticed that I need to make a concentrated effort to spend more quality time with my kids. I also am working hard to make memories with them. This weekend we are off to visit my parents on Saturday and then off to see the chuck wagon races on Sunday. 

3. Our spare room. 
Well this was a biggie for me. Do you remember what it looked like? Scary. 
Well drum roll..........
It's done. I took a couple days and tackled it. I managed to move things around, sort, put things together that needed to be together, emptied out other areas in the house and put it away. I also managed to move two of our pantries into the room. Now each thing has is designated area. 
The two pantries I moved in. 

The organized desk area. Please ignore the dust. I haven't had a chance to dust this week yet. 

I have room to walk around. Floor is neat!!
I also have another cabinet that I use for craft supplies in this room but I was uncle to get a good picture of it. 
The dresser is used to store all my fabric! Oh man I love that it is organized and in one area. 

And YES I do have my elliptical in the middle of the room. Small house not many place to store it. Lol. Although I do like going in there now to exercise now that the room is clean. 

And one more pic of my cupboard in our dining room that was full of fabric. 

I love that I managed to find room in other places now.

Plus since I've been home I went through all my clothes and cleaned out 2 black garbage bags full of stuff to donate. Plus so far also 7 pairs of shoes. It feels awesome. Less clutter!!!

So that's my last two weeks, how have yours been?
I am linking up today with Aurie. Come over and check out what everyone has been up to. Or better yet join up with your own 3 in 30. 


  1. Well look at you go! Love that clean room. I have a garage that will appear on a monthly challenge when I can get my hubby to help. We have my MIL's stuff stored in there and just need to break down and get her a storage unit until she can go through everything. I'd love to have use of my garage - which is also part exercise equipment.

    Love your goal of spending quality time with your kids and creating memories. That is so important.

    1. It always feels so good to get rid of clutter and make use of space that you already have.
      I agree time flies so fast. I only have such a short window of time before they aren't going to want to spend time with me if I don't make it a priority now.

  2. Your spare room looks so much better! It's funny how cleaning out one room makes you want to move on to the rest of the house, isn't it?

    1. Thank you. It is crazy. Once you see how much better one things looks I just want to keep going.