Monday, 29 July 2013

Adoption Update

I thought I would try to post once a month or so and let you all know what is happening on the adoption front.

So far not a lot. LOL

We just sent in the application and the fee a week ago today. We were waiting on some of the paperwork to come in before we sent it.
I decided that I had better phone our adoption agency and let them know that I had already handed out some of the reference forms and they might be getting them back before we had applied. They told me to just go ahead and sent in the application so that's what I did.

What we were waiting for is our marriage certificate. When we got married someone had spelled my husband's middle name wrong so we then had to apply to have it changed to what it legally is and then apply for the certificate again. A tad bit annoying. If only we had done this sooner. Oh well you live and learn.

Our physicals are booked. We have our criminal checks already done but they expire in October so we will have to get them redone. Our child checks will also have to be redone then as well. Lots of paperwork and lots of hurry up and wait and see.

Some days I am so excited and others it feels like we are never going to get everything organized. Oh well I guess one step at a time.

We were told that since we are planning to adopt from the special needs program in China that it would now be more than likely it would be a boy.
It feels weird as I still feel so strongly we were meant to have another girl but I am also very much at peace with whatever God gives us. That part for me is really no different than having a bio baby. I had no pick on what He chose to bless us with. This is all in HIS hands.


  1. so excited for you guys!! and it still maybe a girl God blesses you with. Friends of ours have adopted 2 girls from the special needs group in China and are now just there getting their son. With God directing your path you never know what surprises He has in store for you.

    1. Thanks Pat! I know you completely know the roller coaster this is.
      Is that the Peters family? I love her blog and love the pics of their newest family member. He is just so adorable.