Friday, 5 July 2013

I'm back in!

I realized towards the end of last month that I REALLY needed to get back focused. This spring things got really chaotic and I just went into survival mode.
However now things are evened out and I want to start being purposeful again. 

So here are my 3 in 30 for the month of July. 

1. Step out of my box. 
For me this will probably be the hardest. I let fear overtake me, that loss of control so I climb back into the box thinking I'm safer. 
I want to let God use me. I need to let God use me. 
I know if I write it here I will have to show how I did it. I will have to have that accountability so therefore I will be forced out of my box. :)

2. Enjoy life. 
I need to make sure that I'm in the here and now. I tend to daydream or worry or think ahead to much when I need to be focused on those around me. I want to make sure that as Sarah gets older she knows how much she is loved not only by her Father and myself but also by God. By letting her hide out in her room because it's easier for me so I can daydream myself, I want to make sure that we talk, we do things together. We grow together. 

3. Our spare room. 
Ok this one is a biggie. You all know that Rob and I are wanting to add to our family through adoption. What you may or may not know is that we are starting all the process of adopting through the special needs program in China. 
Several months ago I had cleaned out our spare bedroom thinking we were going to need it right away with the foster to adopt program and then I believe God had other ideas. 
So all the stuff that was in the spare too got shafted to other places. 
Well now we know we don't the need that too for a bit and we are honestly sick of the clutter. ( it got turned into a dump room). So we've decided to for now make it a craft/sewing/pantry room. 

I'm bravely putting pictures up so I can have real accountability otherwise how are you ever going to know if I do it, unless I show you. 
Ok that's what the room looks like now. Gross hey. 

All of our scrap booking/craft supplies got sent out to the school area. Not a good set up. 

Some of my main sewing supplies are in our dining room cupboards. Would LOVE to have this space back again. :)

I'm not even showing you the boxes we put outside in our storage area. 
My main goal is to make sure I have proper organization of all the stuff. 
Each genre of stuff will be organized and set up properly. 

Now in saying all this I'm leaving next week for a girls weekend in Seattle so I know I might not get a ton done next week, however I need to make this a goal otherwise I might never do it. Lol

I am joining up today with Aurie. Hop on over and encourage others as they work on their goals. Or even hop in and set some of your own! :)


  1. Whew - what a great goal to have! I need to get pics up of my messy room to help spur me on! Welcome back :)

    1. Thanks Aurie, It is good to be back.
      Having the pics posted sure does help a lot doesn't it.

  2. Sometimes the best way to organize a space like that is just to let some things go :) Hope you make great progress this month on your goals. Believing you can is half the battle.

    1. I actually let a ton of stuff go but also just reorganizing and putting like things with like things really helped as well.