Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Life is a highway unless....

God knew what he was doing when he paired up hubby any myself. 

He knew that we would always be up for an adventure. 

Tonight hubby and I were driving home when we saw a real estate sign. We decided to check it out. Down a muddy back road we head. Not far down that road we find the place. Instead of turning around and heading back to the highway hubby decides to turn down another back road to try and meet up with our highway. 
Little did we knew what a little adventure that would be. 

Down a VERY muddy road we head. 

Squeeze between two very full sloughs. 

To realize very quickly that we were going to run out of even gravel roads. 
Down a horse trail we head. 
 Between two fields we travel wondering if we were going to have to turn around. 
But we press on. 

Saw some beautiful countryside. 

Tried to convince hubby to build me a house out there. 

 All of the sudden up pops another very muddy gravel road and shortly after we meet up with the road we were trying to meet up with. 

Nothing is ever boring. Life is an adventure. Learning to embrace the unexpected often finds oneself seeing God's creation like never before. 

Life is a highway unless of course it's a trail in the middle of well in the middle of life. :)

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