Wednesday, 12 June 2013

22 years of wedded bliss

Last month hubby and I celebrated our 22 wedding anniversary. It's hard to believe that much time has passed already. After all I only feel 26 myself. 

We spent most of the day working in the yard as the snow had finally melted and it was clean up time. 

We then decided to head out for supper together. 
So off we headed into town for a nice steak supper. Afterwards we thought we might go for a movie until we realized nothing was playing that appealed to us so instead we decided to head to a park and go for a walk. 

Time alone together is a precious commodity. 

After 22 years we have sure had our ups and downs. Life has not been a even steady road more like a dangerous mountain pass. But just like the pass the ride is worth every difficult mile. 

I love you honey. I am so glad God blessed me with you!! You are an amazing head of our household. Thank you for choosing me. 


  1. Happy Anniversary :) We celebrate 10 years tomorrow!

    1. Thank you Aurie. I hope you and hubby had a great anniversary as well! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating 22 this fall...was a good year to get married! :)

    1. Thank you Marie!! I agree it was a great year to get married. LOL Hard to believe so much time has passed.