Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Love Language

Every other Monday around here can be really crazy. Mainly because my handsome hubby is working 7 nights on 7 nights off and so every Tuesday we are either greeting him at the door or saying goodbye. :(
The Monday before we are greeting him is a swarm of activity around here. Running around, making sure laundry is caught up, floors are cleaned, etc. This is not to say we don't do these chores on other days but those Mondays we kick it up a notch.

This man sacrifices so much for us. He is often gone during birthdays, anniversaries, special events, etc. I believe the least I can do for him is have the house looking decent when he comes back home.
I like knowing that this home is inviting for him when he walks in.
This is one of the many ways that I speak my love language for him.

What about you? Is there something you like to do for your hubby? Some way you speak a love language to him??

I would love to hear about!!

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