Monday, 7 January 2013

May or may not have been me.

Jenilee at Our Goodwin Journey is having a week long blog link. I knew I wanted to join in if not all of them at least a few of them. Today's topic?? Not me.

So here it goes.

I may or may not have sat down to write this post a few times and got back up as it wasn't turning out the way I wanted.

I may or may not have then decided to do the dishes from yesterday ( not me as we ALL know how clean and organized I am. :) ) and then realized during said dishes what I wanted to write. LOL

I may or may not have wrote my Christmas post this past Saturday. No never me as I would never have waited so long to write said post.

When we were snowmobiling this weekend and I was getting tips on how to carve from my hubby I may or may not have carved too far and fell off of the sled, causing hubby to laugh at me. (It is ok because I was laughing hysterically as well)

I may or may not have finally down loaded pics off of my camera and sent some family pics to my parent-in-laws, and these said pictures would not be over two months old. Nope not me, I am WAY more organized than that.

I may or may not have gone through my cell phone and found videos on there from over 2 years ago. No way not me. I always down load onto my computer and clean up my cell phone regularly  (and I wonder why I have no space left on my phone. )

On the plus side the videos that I may or may not have found were of my adorable daughter dancing. My how far she has progressed in just two short years.

I may or may not have decided this year that I am WAY too unorganized so have started to make daily checklists on stuff that I need to get down every day. Man it is amazing what happens when I make a list.

I may or may not have realized just how much I have missed blogging and how incredibly thrilled I am to be back.

I am linking up today with Jenilee. You need to hop over and read her post as well as some of the other's "Not Me" posts.


  1. don't you love when you find old pics and videos that you've forgotten about?? You should share it for Wednesday's Walk on Wednesday! Thanks so much for linking in... glad doing the dishes helped you write it! lol :)

  2. I do. It was so cute to watch her. I need to get those pics and videos saved onto my computer and then put on our external hard drive. Someday...
    I have my post for tomorrow and Thursday both wrote up already. :) Looking forward to linking up some more.