Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Flower hair pieces.

This is such an easy craft to do, you will be wondering why you are not doing it.

You start with a stem of flowers like this. I purchased this from the dollar store for $1. I believe there was 5 blooms on it.

Next you pull of one bloom like this from the stem. It should pop off really easily. You then need an alligator clip and a brad. Brads are often used in scrapbooking.

Next remove the back of the flower. This might take some convincing, but it should pop off.

Then turn the flower over and pull out the center stem.

Make sure to hold all the pieces together, unless you want to mix and match petals which also looks awesome.

Push the brad through the center where the stem was.

Flip over and fold down each side of the brad so it splits in half and holds the petals together and the brad down.

Then take your alligator clip and slide under the fold halves of the brad. This also might take a bit of convincing, but remember you want it tight as this is all that holds it together.
If you are nervous you might want to throw some hot glue on the back of the brad attached to the flower, but I never have and my daughter dances with these in her hair and never had an issue.

This is what the back will look like finished.

The front. Remember depending on the size of your brad, or the type of petals your flower has, it might not be seen in the petals.

Here it is.

My lovely model showing it off.
She often goes and makes her own depending on what color or type she wants to wear that day. She also will often mix and match the different colors and types of flowers.

The total cost for this was under $1. for everything.
About .20 for each flower, .13 for each alligator clip, and depending on the brad about .03 per brad.
So for one complete flower clip it cost me around .36 to make.
All of these items were purchased at the dollar store.

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