Thursday, 10 January 2013

About Me...

Thanks Jenilee for this inspiration week.
I love these and have had a blast writing these posts.
Today it all about moi!

This is Jenilee's list.

\My favorite book right now is...
  My favorite pinterest board is...
  My favorite app is...
  My favorite hot drink is...
  My favorite restaurant is...
  My favorite blog post is...
  My favorite time of day is...
  My favorite way to relax is...
  My favorite season is...
  My favorite vacation spot is...

Favorite book:
Well of course besides the bible, I don't necessarily have a favorite book. However I do have an author that I absolutely love!! Karen Kingsbury. I always ask for her books for any occasion that I might be receiving gifts. I have devoured most of them.

Favorite Pinterest board:
All of them. I use a ton of the recipes, lots of organization ideas, done tons of crafts. I love the bible one. 

My favorite app:
Hmmmm... Well I use facebook and twitter of course. My other most used one would probably be the YouVersion bible app. I use it both on my iPad and iPhone daily. Other than that my favorite is my Kindle app. I have read tons and tons of books on here.

My favorite hot drink:
Well at home it is coffee in the morning and then if I want to treat myself it is peppermint hot chocolate. At St*rbucks it is Chai Tea Latte and at Tim Hortons (yeppers I am Canadian. :) ), it is French Vanilla cap. 

My favorite restaurant: 
Anything that serves good Gluten Free meals. Those are hard to come by.

My favorite blog post:
Hmmmmm Well I am not sure this was my favorite post but it was the one that caused the most traffic by far. The real me.

My favorite time of day:
 I have two favorites. I love the time of day that it is just me and the Lord. The second is when I am unwinding after a crazy day. I am in bed, usually reading and just becoming calm again.

My favorite way to relax:
 Usually read. Whether it is others blog posts or a good book that is usually the fastest way for me to chillax.

My favorite season is: 
I think fall. Although I honestly love them all. I love the changing of the seasons. I love the freshness and newness of spring. I love the lazy dazy days of summer, I love the crisp cool air and back to routine of fall and the snow and chilly stay in side temps of winter.

My favorite vacation spot:
Hmmmm good question. Probably in the mountains as I have amazing friends and family that live there. Other than that take me to some tropical destination. LOL

Thanks again Jenilee this was a blast.


  1. We loved our vacation to the mountains last Thanksgiving... so refreshing and fun! and I love Tim Hortons coffee too... must be that Canadian in me! :) Thanks for joining in this week!!!

    1. I have had so much fun Jenilee. Thank you for hosting!

  2. Awesome post! I have to say I also love all the seasons.

    1. Yay!! I know very few people that say that. Most hate winter because of the cold. I will admit that does wear on my after a while, but still God paints such a beautiful picture.

  3. Sometimes I would rather read a few inspiring blogs to relax on nights that I am too tired to read. I don't want to get too involved and then not have the energy to stay up and read more. I just got two Karen Kingsbury books at our library sale this week. I am excited to dive into them because I have heard such great things about her writing. Thanks for stopping by my new space!

    1. She is an amazing author!! I have read to go to sleep and then get caught up in a book so I totally know where you are coming from. :) Thank you for stopping by here. I hope to see more of you!

  4. You Timmies Girl. LOL. Again we must have been seperated at birth as 90% of your list could apply to me.

    1. LOL I can hardly wait to get together with you. Maybe this summer... You would think millions and millions of miles separated us. LOL