Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Wednesday's Walk

Well it sure has been a while since I have wrote about this. I am not sure why although I think someone has been trying awful hard to prevent me from furthering my walk.

Things have been so tumultuous here. I mean on the surface it all looks good. Rob and I are still doing really well as a couple even though the stress of finances are getting stronger. Our kids are doing fantastic and everything is moving along as it should be on the foster to adopt front.
However it's me.
 I am in turmoil.
I am a the edge where I need to push farther on my walk. I need to shout it out just how much I love the Lord.
Yet something holds me back.
I fear...
I fear losing friends.
I fear discrimination.
I fear disappointment. Me disappointing others.
I fear what it means to completely follow Him.

I am a cross roads.

I have been here many a time before and I always turn back to.

I want to push on.
I desire to push on.
I WANT to grow stronger in my walk.
I NEED that deeper relationship with God.

I have an amazing support group with my Good Morning Girls.
Without that group I would be lost.
I would be right back where I started.

I also have you guys. My readers.
I value your input.
I love hearing your comments.
I love to be able to sit down and write something from the heart and know that it is being heart and maybe just maybe has touched someone else.
Do you ever feel that way?

I often wonder if I am the only one swinging around in the wind.

I am asking now if you would pray for me. Pray that I find the strength to grow.
Thank you.

I am linking up today with Mary Beth. Come over and encourage others in their journey.


  1. Oh, Sherri, many virtual {{hugs}} coming your way! Thank you so much for sharing with all of us where you are on your journey. And, be rest assured, that many of us, I know I am, at the same crossroads. The stronger my relationship grows with the Lord, the more "friends" I lose on FB, the more negative comments I hear from extended family and it is very disappointing and very disheartening. Hang in there and know that He loves you first and foremost, but you also have the love and prayers of your blogging friends like me. :-)

  2. I think we all hit that crossroads many times in our faith journey, my friend. Pressing on and through it is what makes us stronger - and helps us realize that what we might be afraid of really isn't that bog once we push through. Praying for you!!

  3. Hugs! Hugs! And more hugs Sherri! I am swinging around in the wind with you on this incredible journey. I too come to the crossroads and too often choose to turn back or stall just a little too long. Today I am choosing to view it as growth that we can recognize that. You can only change what you acknowledge. You can only push forward once you resolve not to fall back. I'll hold your hand if you hold mine as we take a leap of faith together!