Saturday, 1 December 2012

Another month bites the dust....

I can hardly believe that it is the first of December. I have no idea where this year went. I pretty much chill axed this week. (Code for being lazy. :) )
November goals:
1. Totally and completely clean my kitchen. The walls need washed, the cupboards need cleaned out and sorted through. I have 2 pantry cupboards in the hallway that I want to condense down into one. Oh yea and the ceiling needs washed as well. LOL

Finished. Just need to maintain. Hubby even fixed the one pantry cupboard in the hallway so that we can have food in there again. I just need to get a couple of child proof locks.

2. I would love to get all or at least most of my Christmas shopping/making down this month. I have some gifts I am making and I really want to get all the other stuff bought. I would love to focus on the meaning behind the holiday during the month of December. I know I probably will not get my baking done and I am totally ok with that. Something for Sarah and I to bond closer with in December. :)

Well the sewing machine and I had a date yesterday and I was able to sew 4 gifts. I still have 3 to go, but those will work up really fast. I would say I am about 85% done. I still need to wrap everything but man does it feel good to be this close to finished. I will also carry this one on to next month for obvious reasons. LOL

3. Our spare room. This needs cleaned out in the worst way. This will be the room that our foster children go into and possibly our future children. (SQUEAL) I really want to get this done by December 1rst so that hopefully we can get our home inspection started then. Fingers crossed.

Nope not done. :( I will be carrying this over to next month. Although I went in  there today and managed to get quite a bit emptied out. However we still have a long way to go and somehow somewhere I need to find a place to store all the stuff that was in that room. :(

I thought I would also post my December goals on here today as well being that it is the first of December.

1. Have Christmas presents all bought, wrapped and ready to go by the middle of the month. 
Since I am almost done this one should be pretty easy.

2. Have the house ready for the inspection by next Friday. 
OK this one I am being a bit lenient on. If I don't get a good chunk of it done by Monday then I am going to call and reschedule the first appointment. I would rather have the checklist that they gave us done so that they possibly won't have to make another trip. I realize that means that I will be pushing back everything so I am hoping to work hard this week at getting it done.

3. Enjoy December for what it is: The birth month of Christ.
This means that I plan to try and relax most of the month. Do some baking. Spend tons of quality time with Sarah and just enjoying life before we get crazy busy again. I also want to spend some time just Sarah and I being lazy, bonding. I realize there is a very good chance that soon she will have more children in the house and I want her to know that we love her just as much as we ever have.

4. I am throwing a 4th one in,but it is an easy one as well. Make sure the house is kept clean as we are hosting Christmas and I don't want to have a mad rush the week before trying to get everything ready.

That's it. 
Tonight is Rob's Christmas party so I have to run and get ready. I also want to do some more sorting of all our scrapbooking/craft supplies. They all need to find another safe home. :)

I am linking up today with Aurie. Oh and by the way I promise I will take pics and show you the room if we manage to get finished in time. :)


  1. I also have a goal of enjoying this season, I want it to be memorable in a good way :)

  2. Congrats on your November goals - that kitchen was hard!! You must be SO excited that it's done!

    For the home inspection - do NOT drive yourself insane. Believe me, what the person wants this year will be totally different than what the next person will want. It's crazy, but oh, so true. I'll be thinking of you :)