Friday, 9 November 2012

Step by step

What a week it has been.
Wednesday we had a snowstorm. Not near as bad as a couple hours east of us, but we had rain which turned to snow (about 4-6 inches) which made a huge mess of things. Thankfully dance was cancelled that day so we got to stay home and not try and venture out.
Yesterday hubby and I went in for our physicals. Right day this time. :)  It all looks good. Our doctor spent two seconds filling out and signing our paperwork and then handed it back to us. We are really lucky as he never charged us a dime and it could have cost us upwards of $400. Happy happy campers we were.
So then off to social services to drop off our doctor forms and our forms that both of us had to fill out. We are getting closer and closer!!!

Well I actually didn't have to bad of a week goal wise.

1. Totally and completely clean my kitchen. The walls need washed, the cupboards need cleaned out and sorted through. I have 2 pantry cupboards in the hallway that I want to condense down into one. Oh yea and the ceiling needs washed as well. LOL

The ceiling is washed and 3/4 of the cupboards are gone through and cleaned and re-organized. I also cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the oven. That was a bit of an undertaking to get that oven sparkling. However now it is done and supper is cooking away in it. 
I am hoping to finish this early next week. I know when hubby is off for the weekend we will be focusing on other things.

2. I would love to get all or at least most of my Christmas shopping/making down this month. I have some gifts I am making and I really want to get all the other stuff bought. I would love to focus on the meaning behind the holiday during the month of December. I know I probably will not get my baking done and I am totally ok with that. Something for Sarah and I to bond closer with in December. :)

I read this blog this week and I thought what an amazing idea. First things are a bit more financially tricky with Rob's new job. Plus we are trying to save up for a few big purchases and plus now that the boys are out of the house we are having a harder and harder time trying to decide what to buy them.

So I talked to Rob and he thought it was a good idea. I changed it up a bit. So we have asked for a list of 4 things each from these 4 categories. 

Something you want...
Something you need...
Something to do...
Something to wear...

I let them know we would only be getting them 4 gifts out of that. I am also making each of them a gift this year so I will actually be 5. 

I know this is going to save us soooooo much. So much time, so much energy and so much wasted gifts. I would also like to say to give me something that they would like a donation to. Then we would make a donation in their name. I will be asking Rob about that one as well.

3. Our spare room. This needs cleaned out in the worst way. This will be the room that our foster children go into and possibly our future children. (SQUEAL) I really want to get this done by December 1rst so that hopefully we can get our home inspection started then. Fingers crossed.

Never even worked on this one at all. I am kinda hoping that this being a long weekend I will be able to convince hubby to help me on the room this weekend but we will see. I know he also wants to work on the shed and being as how that will also benefit me, well I will be helping with that as well.

So what have you got planned for this weekend? Between the bedroom, shed and hanging out I would also really like to get my windows covered in plastic so that it will stay warm in my house this winter. Other than that, also hoping to sneak in a date night. :)

I am linking up today with Aurie. Please take a moment to go and encourage some other ladies this week.


  1. sounds like lots of work ahead, but very well-worth the effort kinds of things for your family. We have a pinewood derby and a birhday party today. Church and life groups tomorrow... fun, fun, fun! :)

  2. You're doing great, especially in cleaning your kitchen! I hope that you do get to your spare room this weekend; wouldn't it be great to get an early start on your goals for next week?

    1. Hubby won out, but that also needed done so I never really lost either. :)

  3. We did that to simplify gift giving for our kids last year and honestly it helped so much. What great goals and hardwork you are doing!

    1. Thank you!! It sure is making a difference already.

  4. You post is motivating me to work on my kitchen before Thanksgiving. It would be nice to have it well-organized before the holiday rather than after it. It sounds like you're doing really good work in preparation for a life-changing event! I wish I would have started that Christmas gift philosophy when my daughters were younger. It sure would make life easier!

    1. I also wish I had done it when all of mine were little as well, but I guess better late than never. Soon my big ones won't be getting all the gifts.

      Did you manage to work on your kitchen yet?

  5. Lovely goals - and you have made amazing progress :) Well done!! Sounds like you had a busy weekend - can't wait to hear all what you got done!!