Thursday, 1 November 2012

November, snow and yet so thankful

We have snow, freezing rain and ice pellets today. Let I am so thankful
Hubby and I headed into the city which is about a 45 minute drive for medicals today, (for our foster to adopt paperwork), only to find out that I had the dates wrong and it is actually next Thursday that we were supposed to be there. Oops. I don't think I was too popular.
However I am still thankful.

I am thankful that yesterday my beautiful daughter and I took some time and carved pumpkins together.

I am thankful that we made great memories, laughed and played around together.

I am thankful that when I had to be in town for dance, hubby was able to make it home to help with the kids coming to the door.

Yep I'm carving them in pj bottoms. :)
I am thankful that although I messed up on the date for the doc appointments. My handsome hubby and I got to spend some rare time together. I even managed to buy some fabric for Christmas presents.

I am thankful that the roads were good this morning and afternoon. All around has terrible weather. Snow warnings and tons of freezing rain.

Love the look of concentration on her face.

 I am thankful this week for a wonderful phone call from a great Good Morning lady.

I am thankful that she is allowing to crash with her and another fantastic friend of mine for Break Forth!

Must save those pumpkin seeds. We season and roast them. Huge hit in our family.

I am thankful that piece by piece we are slowly inching closer to having our paperwork done so that the home inspection can take place.

I am thankful that we got winter tires and rims on my truck today. It cost a small fortune, but worth every penny. So looking forward to driving confidently on those roads again.

Sarah's is on the left, Angry birds is mine.

I have a great life and I am learning to be so grateful for it.
My mantra this week has been. For Him, Always for HIM!

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  1. Such a fantastic list! Glad that your foster paperwork is going forward!

  2. I loved all those pictures!! How fun that you got some unexpected time with your husband. I wish we had snow already! I love snow!

  3. We got snow this morning! Nice to have unexpected time with your husband. A bit mortifying to get the date wrong on appointments, but better too early than to have missed it.

    Have a nice day.