Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Summer fun

10 things that I am doing this summer.
I had several things roll around in this big ole empty head of mine about what I should write about today. This one just kept coming back so I thought why not share what is happening with my summer.

1. Take my daughter to Las Vegas on a dance trip.
This I have already done. For those of you who haven't been reading my blog, we left the 27th of June and came back home on the 7th of July. It was a great time and a really great thrill to see my daughter dance "internationally". LOL

2. Plan a 25th wedding anniversary for my sister and her husband.
This is a surprise party for them. I am trying to hammer down last minute things so that I can get the invites out tomorrow. The party will be the weekend of August 11 and 12. It will be pretty casual in the sense that we are just going to be at a group campsite at the lake. However I am hoping that a lot of their friends and family members will be able to make it up.

3. Go on a last minute trip to Vancouver Island for a family reunion.
I am leaving next weekend for 3 days. It should be a blast. Even if it is short and sweet. My husband, myself and our children actually lived there for a number of years. (In fact our daughter was born there) So I am looking really forward to it.

4. While on the family reunion we will be celebrating another one of my sisters and brother in laws anniversary. Their 40th actually.
This will also be really casual with just a pot luck at their house.

5. Camping
I plan to do as much as I can squeeze in. We love to camp and when we only have such a short window I want to be out and about as much as we can.

6. Start up with a morning group.
I signed up with Hello Mornings yesterday. Their next group starts August 20th. I am also hoping to join a Good Morning Girls group.
I really hope that this helps me grow with Jesus. I need the accountability. I also believe that it will be great for me to get into the routine of getting up earlier and starting my day before Sarah gets going.

7. Read as many books as I can.
I love to read. I am going to renew my library membership tomorrow and I hope to spend the lazy days of summer reading. Hopefully at the lake while we are camping. LOL

8. Work on getting geared up for next years school.
I need to clean out the school room and reorganize it. It is pretty scary in there right now and it needs to be thoroughly gone through.
I am also hoping to do some un schooling this summer. I have pinned tons of ideas on Pinterest and I am hoping to start her learning in a fun way this summer.

9. Spend some time on the quads.
Hubby and I love to get out and go quadding. It is so relaxing playing around out there with our toys. I want to take some day trips and get out and play.

10. Go on a few date nights with my handsome hubby.
We love to get out just the two of us and reconnect. Whether it is a supper and a movie, a walk around the park in the evening or simply a movie night at home it all helps.
We strive to make our marriage strong. It will always take work but what relationship doesn't?

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  1. This is a great list - and you've already made such great progress :) I love the date night ideas, it's something that we are trying to make time for!