Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ahh the places I want to see...

This will be really hard to narrow it done to just 10 as I think I have a bit of gypsy blood in me. I just want to travel, travel, travel. I just need to find a way that we can do that. :)
These are places that are on my bucket list.

1. Scotland.
Both Rob and my roots are Scottish so this would mean a lot to both of us. Not to mention I am slightly addicted to Diana Gabaldon's Outlander Series. The hero is a big red head, my hubby is a big read head. The heroine has crazy curly brown hair, I have crazy curly brown hair. You get the picture. hahaha

2. Ireland.
I love the landscape as a general rule of that country.

3. Australia.
My nephew went there many years ago as a student taking a year abroad. When he came back he had many friends come to Canada to meet his family. This country has always pulled at my heart strings.

4. Newfoundland, Canada.
We tease my hubby that he works in little Newfoundland as many of the employs up there are from Newfoundland. This is part of the reason why I want to visit this province. The culture, the scenery, everything really appeals to me. Also since he knows so many people that live there we would have a tour of that province like none other.

5. North West Territories
Such a gorgeous place. It seems so untamed and natural to me.

6. Alaska
Again love the 'wilds' of this place. I love seeing scenery that has been virtually untouched.

7. Thailand.
My brother and his wife live there.  A few years ago all my siblings plus my parents went there and were able to visit this very cool country. I was unable to go. :( However I hope someday to make that journey.

8. Portugal.
I also have a sister that lives half time in this country. The same reason as Newfoundland and Thailand is that I believe the tour that I could get would simply be amazing.

9. England.
I have read about it, heard about it on TV, seen it in pictures, have a friend that until this fall is living there. I want to see it for my own eyes. Experience it first hand.

10. All of the United States of America.
There is not a state, not a city, not a community that I do not want to see in this country. I have 'met' some wonderful blogging friends that I would LOVE to meet in real life. I have a cousin that lives in Maine. I want to see New York (Central Park, Ground Zero, The statue of liberty). I want to experience New Orleans. I would love to see the Montana mountains. There is no part that I want to miss.

I have so much I want to see however because it is Top 10 I limited myself. hahaha
I am linking up today with Angie's Top Ten.

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