Sunday, 15 July 2012

So happy.

Have you ever had one of those days when you just realize just how incredibly blessed you are? Days when everything is wonderful. Days when you don't get angry at all not even a tiny bit. Days when you realize this is an amazing life I lead?
Today for me is that day.
Today I turned 41.
I will admit I wasn't overly looking forward to this birthday. Mostly because my handsome hubby had to work. (That is one thing I am sooooo looking forward to when he is done work up there.)
However today when I woke up I woke up happy. I went and woke up Sarah to get ready for church and one of the first things she says to me is Happy Birthday. It made me smile. I then had a smile on my face for the rest of the day. (Well maybe not when I caught that cat nap today. :) )
My phone vibrated most of the day to let me know that I was receiving either a text message or a facebook notification.

Last Sunday my hubby gave me his gift to me. This was the coolest gift I had ever received and it really really impressed me. He made me a treasure hunt. He put it together while I was in Vegas with Sarah. He went and bought the paper so he could print out clues. He came up with ideas and then planted them around the house. He bought me things like an i-tunes card, my favorite brand of flip flops and the Karen Kingsbury book I was coveting. However the last two gifts were the the best. He bought me another gorgeous cross necklace and then he had made me a wooden treasure chest. In the clue he put in there that his hearts desire lay in the bottom of the chest. When you look inside there is a mirror on the bottom. I almost cried. He put so much thought in this gift.

So back to today.
Sarah gave me her gift first thing. She had bought a Mother/Daughter necklace for us. :) I love the bond that we have together. I am looking forward to her being an adult and seeing how our relationship is then. If we are even closer.

Then off to church for a wonderful church service. While we were worshipping the Lord through song I looked over and realized that I reconized a lady there. One that I had never met before other than cyper land. After church I went over and started to talk to her. Sure enough it was Marcy. I must admit I was nervous but I really wanted to meet her in person. I know that we only live about 20 minutes apart. Her husband is actually the pastor at the church where my husband and I were married. I was so happy to meet her. She is such a beautiful person and you can just see God's love shining out of her. Not to mention she has absolutely gorgeous children. :) Thank you Marcy for putting up with nervous me. I hope that we have more time in the future to get to know each other. :) By the way if you haven't already you need to go check out her blog. Love My Life!

Then it was off to lunch with my girlie, my boys and their girlfriends. This was so cool. They had tied helium balloons to the back of my chair. My oldest bought me some delicious tea and then also got me a gorgeous Amore Baci bracelet. (Identical to a Pandora) with the cutest frog charm on it.
My middle son bought me some awesome Saskatchewan roughrider gear.
They also bought my lunch and just managed all around to show me how much I was loved.
It made me so proud to know that these three beautiful individuals were our children.

Then afterwards came home and managed to catch a cat nap. Does life get any better? LOL

I am so blessed. God has enriched my life. Sure He has thrown in some harder times but it just makes these great times all that much better.

The necklaces that both hubby and Sarah bought me. The broken heart one is says Mother on it.

The bracelet Matt bought for me. I love the frog charm. 

Some of the Roughrider gear Brandon bought me. Check out that foam hand. LOL
Tonight I will go to bed with a full and happy heart. Thanking God so much for my blessings!!


  1. Hey Sherri! I'm so glad that we could meet as well. You were nervous?? Didn't show at all. I didn't know I was that scary. LOL!! I bet you didn't know how short I was. :-) I sure do hope we get to visit again for a longer time next time. Let's set something up.

    1. I am a terribly shy person that I work very hard at overcoming.
      I didn't find you short but I bet you were shocked by the size of my daughter. LOL :)
      I agree let's set something up again. Maybe in the fall?

      I really am looking forward to getting to know you more.

  2. What a lovely day! Happy birthday to you :)

    1. Thank You Aurie!! It was amazing. God's love was definitely shining down on me that day. :)