Monday, 2 July 2012

Memories Vegas style

What a holiday it has been so far. Not only have I had the pleasure of watching my daughter(and her teammates) dance but my girlie and I have also had some pretty amazing bonding moments. As you all know by now if you have been reading this blog we spend a lot of time together. For most of the time it is just he and me. We homeschool and my handsome hubby works away. Not to mention her brothers are moved out now so to find some time with which I truly believe we are making solid memories is kinda cool. I realize that she will remember our time together positively (I hope lol), however this I imagine she will talk about with her children. Today after she danced we went to the pool for a while and then another dance family and us went to a dinner theatre. I can not rave enough about this. It was amazing. All 4 children had their eyes glued to the arena and to be honest the parents did as well except that we were torn between the show and watching the children's reactions. :) We laughed and joked and made memories...Vegas style. :)

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