Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday Wisdom or lack thereof...

Whoa what a day!!
To start with I decided that I desperately need to become more organised as we head into our very busy season. Dance season.
This means that our entire lives will be turned around for about 6-8 weeks.
So as I prepare to get more organised for this there was some things that I wanted to do.
1. Sarah's home school.
This needed some revision. Things are going well, but she needs a checklist to keep yourself accountable and so I know where she is at so that I can keep her on track.
So today we spent about an hour just going through all her papers, organizing. putting papers where they needed to be, just simply a good ole fashioned dung out. In doing this I plan to set up a weekly checklist with each day being set up so she knows what she has to do on what day and how much she needs to get done. Then she has to cross it off when she is done so that I know where she is at with it. I saw some great organisational charts on Pinterest that I might just try.

2. Giving my house a good cleaning out.
This is a necessity as we will be running constant for that time. Time spent at home will be doing laundry, meals, and home school but not a lot else, other than sleep of course. :)
So I have a list of chores (deep cleaning chores) to do each day.

3. Get all dance stuff organised and ready to go.
This means all costumes that need alterations are altered. I still have a costume to completely sew. (Yep I know I like to wait until the last moment. LOL) The accessories that are needed for each costume are put in a bag and hung with that costume. As well as making sure I have all make up, earrings, hair pieces, etc. Also making sure I have my first aid kit, sewing kit, and snack kit packed. I have a lot of this done already as I have been working on it for a month or so but still have things to do.

4. Set up a blog routine.
I have been wanting to become more consistent on my blogging for a while now, however just have not done it. So this is also on my to do list. It will be a lot simpler to have some posts done up already and just be able to post them from my phone while on the go. I also enjoy linking up with others so I plan to make sure I make  myself a guideline on what I would like to post when and try and stick with it. We will see how it goes.

5. I also would like to do up some meals for myself.
I know that I tend to run on junk food and coffee during this time and now that I am GF I just can't go and grab a sandwich or burger and fries. I need to be more aware of what I am consuming and where I can get food so I don't starve myself. It will make for me cheating then and tummy aches. (which I have no desire for)
After the crazy part of the season I am going to a specialist to see precisely what my food issues are but until then I am know I need to do the best I can. That means no living on chocolate bars. :)

So saying all this I worked my tail off today on something that wasn't on my list but a necessity non the less. I am coordinating workers for our own festival. So today for 2.5 hours I worked on the list of the workers I already have signed up, the new times and added some new spots in that our dance teacher requested.
Then off to dance tonight to try on some new costumes. 3 more costumes with only one needed alterations!! (insert happy dance here!!!)
We then grabbed some groceries, fuel and off to home. Once home we discovered we had a very large leak under our kitchen sink. (Did I mention hubby went back to work yesterday?) So I had to call my landlords.
Thank goodness he was home and came over right away. The taps were done so now I am sporting new kitchen taps!! So in one week our main bathroom and the kitchen both received new taps. :)

How was your Wednesday? Less eventful I hope.


  1. Spring is crazy isn't it? I'm finding myself in the same situation with track, softball and baseball all starting at the same time. This weekend I'll have to work on freezer meals and organization!

    1. I just realized I commented instead of replying. It must be bedtime. :)

  2. Yes it is crazy, but I love it!! I so badly miss my boys being in school sports. I love being a (fill in the blank) Mom.
    I hardly ever do freezer meals. I really need to learn. :)
    Have a blessed weekend.