Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Growing up.

 OK so I have really debated with myself about whether or not I should post this and in the end decided to just go for it.
So I must warn you this post might not be what you want to read.
Are you ready???
Do I still have anyone??
Here it goes...

On Friday my daughter became a 'woman'. Nine days before she turns 14. Of course this happens when hubby and I are out running errands 45 minutes away.
When she called me I was tossed between being really sad that my 'baby' is growing up and so proud of her.
I honestly was tearing up. How is it that my baby is really of that age?
I wanted this to be special for her so I wanted to buy her some flowers. This was not to be so instead bought her an adorable plant.
I am not sure what hubby thought of all of this. He tends to keep all his emotions to himself. I imagine it was just as hard on him. That is his baby girl after all.

So here we sit another milestone crossed.
Another 'last' occurred. I am still tied between saddened and excitement. Although must admit right now sadness is winning.


  1. I can relate. Although none of my children are old enough to cross that milestone yet, I have had a mixture of sadness and happiness over lots of milestones. With my fourth ( and assumed last) child, I cried when he cut teeth... not because he was terrible and fussy, but because it meant he was no longer a "little" baby.

    1. It's amazing how hard this parenting stuff is. :) I find it so hard that she is growing up. In a couple of days she turns 14 and today I realized that this time next year she is going to be far from my little girl. :( Makes me weepy just thinking about it.