Monday, 12 March 2012

Birthday girl

Today my 'baby' turns 14. Where or where did the time possibly go?
It seems like only yesterday she was running into my arms for a big bear hug. I look at her now and really can see the woman she is growing into. She is beautiful inside and out.

Forgive the poor picture of both of us. This was taken about 3 hours after she was born. I was in such shock to be having a girl but oh so thrilled with it and the fact that we finally were able to meet her.

 This was taken at my sister's wedding. Sarah was 1 month and 2 days old. She received so much stuff when she was born from her Grandmas'. Her middle two names are after them. So she received lots of blankets and clothes that were saved from generation to generation. She even received a flour sack dress. So cute.
Today she turned 14. One of her big brothers came out to visit her and bring her some presents and a cake. As I was looking back at the pictures trying to find some of her as a baby to scan I saw tons of her with Matthew around. They have always been close so it is no real surprise to me that when he had the day off that he came out to visit her today.

We had a pretty calm day. We never schooled at all and just enjoyed some family time with Matt. We watched Hoodwinked, had some cake and visited. Then after he left she went outside to visit friends while I made homemade pizza for supper. Homemade crust for her and rice flour crust for me.

My heart cup overflows! Such a beautiful day for such a beautiful young lady. Sarah I am so proud of you and the wonderful young lady you are becoming. I love the choices that you are making. Choices not to party and be crazy as so many of your friends are doing and instead staying home with your family and believing in HIM. You desire to follow His Word and I see the impact of your decisions every day. I love the person you are and am so looking forward to seeing the woman you will be. Thank you for blessing my life!


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Sounds like a fun day with her! My oldest turns 14 in June, and I'm finding it hard to believe!

    1. It truly is amazing how fast time flies!! I always say I am getting awfully young to be having children. My oldest was 20 this past October. :)