Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Top 10

 Top 10 crafty things from that I am desiring to make this month.

1.  This t-shirt or a variety of it. I want to try and find some things that I can sell and fund-raise for our dance trip to Las Vegas this year. I have the t-shirts, the dye and finally found the glue after 6 different stores so I am hoping that it works. 

2. This shrug. I have made one and love it for Sarah, but hoping to make a few more and again sell them. I think that this is such a cute thing for dancers. 

3. These place mats. I love this idea. I think that this would really go over amazing. I bought the place mats not I just need the paint. :) 

4. I love these. I bought the sticks and we have paint so I think that it would be a really cute thing for Sarah to make and maybe sell? Not sure might just be for her friends.

5. These are adorable. I would love to see if I could make and sell, but at the very least Sarah will have some new headbands that I am hoping she will love. I picked up some scraps from my Mom so just need to get on it now. 

6. I love this idea. Maybe with a little bit of a change up. I can see this being a fun and easy craft.

7. I have bought wooden letters to spell out Sarah's name for her room. I have the paint, letters and ribbon so I hope to do this on the weekend. Should be fairly easy. I hope. LOL

8. I plan on making one or two of these. I have the pot holders. :)

9. I think this top is adorable. I can totally see Sarah wearing this all summer. 

10. I think that I would really like to do this. Of course typical me I will probably adjust it to fit my needs. But I need something to put in a bag for dance season to make my life somewhat easier. 

Can you tell what my life revolves around right now? Dance, Dance, Dance. With a side of dance.

Can you also tell that I tend to get the products and then never get around to making them. Good thing that it is part of my 3 in 30 this month. :)

I am linking up today with Top 10 Tuesday. Come on over and see what many others have wrote for their own Top 10. 


  1. I love the place mats , I just found this blog post last night about how to make your own chalkboard paint, it's sound super easy and way way cheaper than buying it already made. I pined it , if your not on Pinterest let me know and I'll find the link for ya. I so want one of those shrugs those are awesome !!!!

    1. I also saw that on Pinterest and pinned it. I just need to get the supplies now. :) Story of my life.
      Although I did get more organized today and did do a craft. Not on the list mind you. LOL

  2. Great list! Love the popsicle stick cuffs and bleach tee. Maybe if I get some baby projects done I can d one as a reward :)

    1. I tried the Popsicle stick cuffs last night and they didn't turn out so good. I think If I wrap them around the outside of the glass and the then rubber band them on they would work better. And I used a couple larger glass so not needed. Go for the smaller ones. :)
      If they work out for you I would love to see them.