Monday, 26 March 2012

Manic Monday!!

Wow such a crazy day, but manged to get a fair amount accomplished... I think. :)
I managed to pretty much finish the schedule that I have to do for the workers for Sarah's dance.
I worked on two craft projects. One with Sarah that I have been promising forever that we would do. I will take pics and when we are all finished I will post them.
I made myself half a dozen  GF cookies. (sooooo good!!)
I worked on some of Sarah's dance costume adjustments.
Laundry is in the washer and dryer.
Sarah did a FULL day of school and even made supper as part of it.
I cleaned up my dresser...mostly. :)
I paid bills. I ordered labels for her costumes, shoes, water bottles, etc...
I ordered another retainer to replace the one that went through the washer and dryer a couple months ago. Oops.

Now for the really fun part. I read. Yep you heard me right. I curled up with my e-reader and read. Almost an entire book. I loved it!! It felt like a mini holiday, (if you ignore all the million gazillion interruptions. hahaha)

So tonight I sit here rested and content. Now to spend a bit more time on the schedule and more important some time in His Word. Throw in a good night conversation with my hubby over the phone and you have one happy chick. :)

I hope that everyone had a great day as well.


  1. Go you! I love having super productive days!

    1. Thank you. It feels good to accomplish as much as I did and still have some down time. It has been so crazy here lately with it only getting worse so the down time was very much needed. :)

  2. Busy day! Thank you for sharing the GF cookie recipe!

  3. I hope you enjoy it Sharla. It tastes just like a good old fashioned oatmeal cookie. It is so yummy.