Monday, 24 October 2011

Our holiday pics, part three the finalie

So here is the last of the pics.
We stopped at the Last Spike to take some pics and hopefully get some souvenirs for the kids. We couldn't find souvenirs that we were happy with but managed to take tons of pics. I snapped this pic of my handsome hubby. I am really learning to appreciate the fact that we both have decent cameras now. I love seeing his prospective on stuff.

How I love this man.

I guess turn about is fair play. He grabbed my camera as I ran to the washroom and as I walked out he took a few of me.

I love the angle on this one. Not necessarily the subject. Hahaha

Fresh snow on the top. Brrrrr.

I wish I had this view everyday. Might just have to frame it and put it on my dresser so I do. :)

Well that is it folks. I took so many more and so did my handsome hubby. In fact I have not even had a chance to look at his yet.

I am very pumped up for tomorrow as my handsome hubby will be coming back home. He was gone 10 days this time. We all miss him around here so much when he is away at work. Although we have tons planned for his days off so time will fly at least it will fly while we are together.

Have a great night everyone!!

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