Friday, 7 October 2011

3 in 30 update

1. Finish reading the bible in 90 days.
Ok this has been more difficult for me this past week. I am still reading everyday, but a little less. I have been crazy busy this past week getting ready to leave on a holiday which actually as soon as I write this post we are outa here. I am hoping to get back on track soon.

2. Stay off of glutens.
I have been doing really good with this. Although when my hubby was home it was harder and I know this weekend is gonna be brutal with Canadian Thanksgiving but I will work hard at it. I had an upset tummy the other day because I had ate too much and I realized how nice it was not to be sick anymore so that is a really good incentive.

3. Get more organized again.
This obviously is a work in progress. I made my menu plan for the month again. LOVE doing that. I also had tons of lists going to get ready for this trip. I need to get the day more planned as we are always running here and I feel like I am falling behind.

Ok to sum it all up I am doing about a C. Not great but still passing. I am hoping that when we are away this week that I can still keep up with number one and two.
I hope everyone is managing great with there 3 in 30.

Have a great week everyone. Also have a very Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!
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  1. I actually share all those goals- doing 31days of challenge right now and have no time to write about much else- let me clarify - I NEED to have each of these goals- #b90days almost done! NEED to go off gluten- well, wheat and sugar mostly- (usually means gluten) glad you are hanging in there!

  2. Have a wonderful Canadian Thanksgiving, yourself! Congrats on what you've done toward your goals. I am just getting started on mine, too, for the month. Good job with the menu plan! I sometimes make them and then, don't follow them.

  3. Good job! Progress is progress and that is what counts!