Sunday, 23 October 2011

Happy Birthday to my firstborn

Wow can it really be 20 years ago that this handsome young man was born?

This is the boy that made me a mom.

I always spend the days leading up to my children's birthdays, the day of and sometimes the day after in reflection of what was happening 'x' amount of years ago.

So I thought I would reflect with you this year.

As I said this is my firstborn, he is my first experience with full term (and over by 10 days) pregnancy and labor.

The 21rst we had a small blizzard here. Hubby and I lived outside of town and our vehicle was not overly reliable so we were mostly staying at his parents place. That day we decided to go out to our place and grab some more stuff. Well...I did mention that it was snowing and profusely blowing right? So hubby decides to take a back road that was snowed in. Here we are 4 x 4 ing jumping over drifts and I was overdue.

Well the next day (22) I'm feeling tired not quite myself. No pain but no energy either. We were shopping with my mom in law and I decide that I've had enough and so I went over to my sister's for a rest. We decide to have supper there and spend the night. My sister made a great supper and for dessert I requested ice cream and homemade chocolate sauce. So off to bed at about 10 we all go.

At 11 I wake up with some pretty darn good labor pains. Now I also should mention that I had a month of false labor and waking hubby up for them to just disappear. So now when I wake up Rob he tells me to try and go back to sleep. I know this is not happening and he very quickly realizes that it looks like the real deal so he runs and gets my sis so she can drive us to the hospital. I do not remember how she seemed to me but I do know she ran a red light getting me there. :)

Now I won't go into all the details here but suffice to say it was fairly fast. I was sick to my tummy and I'm also allergic to Demerol so they gave me a shot of gravel/morphine mix which I loved.

At 2:32 am a very healthy 8lb 7.5oz baby boy was born.

We off course were so thrilled.

It was also made extra special for my hubbies parents as their firstborn grandson was born on my father n law's birthday, 55 years later.

Matthew Robert you have made me so proud! I love you so much. You have turned into an amazing man and I can hardly wait to see what God has in store for you future!

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