Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Thanksgiving weekend memories.

As I mentioned yesterday I said I would share my weekend with you.

My Mom right now is pretty much in a wheelchair so for convenience sake we had Thanksgiving at their house on Saturday. Since it was my turn at hosting, I cooked the turkey and brought all the food up to their house. We live about 2.25 hours away. I prefer to cook my turkey during the night so I was up a lot during Friday night so that it would be ready to go first thing Saturday morning.

Once we got to Mom and Dad's the women all started cooking. Even Sarah is helping out. Soon though she ditched us to run the camera. :)

 My Mom, my sister Bev and me making supper and memories.

 The men doing well what they do. Having a visit.

After the meal, dessert and a few hours Dad dug out some of the brain teasers that he has and we all attempted to conquer them. Some of us did better than others.

 My wonderful father!! He will be 88 next month.

My oldest. Hard to believe that 2 weeks he will be 21. Not sure where the time went.

Sarah, Alana (Matt's girlfriend) and Dad trying to figure out the brain teasers.

Sunday was just as fun. Although crazy me even though I brought my camera down (his parents live 4 hours away) I forgot to take any pictures. However we did have a ball reminiscing with both his parents and his brother and his family.

Yesterday after attacking tons of yard work (Got a good chunk of a goal done for my 3 in 30!! Whoohooo!!) our middle son came out with his girlfriend and we had Thanksgiving leftovers.

It was a fantastic weekend. I got to share it with many of the people that I am so thankful that God blessed me with.
Now after a day of mostly relaxing tomorrow is back to being crazy and working on my a whole list of chores. Looking forward to being done that list. :)

I pray that everyone's Thanksgiving (if you are in Canada) was just as blessed as mine was.


  1. What a great day :) So glad you had a wonderful celebration!!

    1. It was awesome Aurie. Time spent with family making great memories is priceless.