Monday, 1 October 2012

A glimpse into my life for 31 days.

I saw this really neat idea on to pick a subject and write on it for 31 days. That is the challenge for October.
Well just because I thought it was a neat idea didn't mean I had any thoughts what so ever on what to write on.
I was thinking parenting, nah, getting ready for the foster to adopt program, nope, cleaning out my crafts board on Pinterest, I would need a lot more than 31 days. LOL, purging, well possibly, but not sure if I wanted to write about it for a whole month.
After tons and tons of thought. (No I am serious here I spent an entire afternoon with those thoughts rolling around in my head) When I thought hey why don't I write about me. Well not quite all about me, but things that I do, make, clean, parent, foster, etc... These are the items that affect my daily life.
So here you are. I hope you will keep checking back and not go to crazy with these things. I promise to change it up and keep it exciting. LOL

I promise I will try and take pictures every day to keep you interested as well.

So here it goes. 31 days of my life.

Stop over at the Nesting Place for many others that are also taking her up on this challenge.
And just to keep you entertained for the day this is my cute little kitty passed right out beside me. Her favorite place to sleep. :)

Day 1. Felt flowers.
Day 2: Bird's nest pins.
Day 3:Wednesdays Walk
Day 4: Some thankfulness.
Day 5: A new month, new changes.
Day 6: Saturday
Day 7: Sunday
Day 8:A quick hello
Day 9:Thanksgiving weekend memories


  1. Love that picture! how they can sleep like that is beyond me!

  2. I know hey, she was passed out too, because when I took this picture the flash went off and she never blinked.