Monday, 17 September 2012

The real me...

This is a post about the real me. I will warn you now, it's slightly disheveled and messy. It's not always pretty, but like I said it is the real me.

I may possibly sometimes not make my bed until noon or later. I will admit most days I make it first thing, but perhaps sometimes I get a bit lazy.

I may or may not always do my dishes at night. Sometimes they don't get done until the next morning. Alright lets be truthful more like 65% of the time they don't get done until morning. :)

I may or may not always take my clothes off the line right away. Sometimes they spend the night outside or gasp sometimes even two nights. :)

Sometimes this is what my living room looks like Monday morning. Ok, ok most of the Monday mornings it looks like this. Sometimes it looks worse. :)

 I may or may not stay in my pajamas a good chunk of the morning. Come on now they are just plain comfy. I am cheating a bit in this pic as I don't wear the hoodie to bed but in the morning it is chilly so out it comes.

I may or may not have a goofy daughter, whom I am extremely blessed by. I love this girlie so much.

For the past 4 weeks I have been getting up earlier than normal and spending half an hour each morning with the Lord. This is fast becoming such a blessing. I love this habit and most days I am such a better Mom because of it.

I hope you all know that this post was silly. But honestly it pretty much is a small glimpse into my life. I do stay in my pajamas a good chunk of the day, my living room really does look like that especially Monday mornings as Sundays I want to spend the time with my family and not worry about my house. Sometimes life gets busy and the laundry stays on the line. I do love having my bed made, but some days it just doesn't happen until later.

 This is me, this is real life.

I hope you enjoyed it. :)


  1. I loved getting a glimpse into your world!

    1. Thanks Aurie. It was fun doing this one!

  2. LOVED it! All of those things (or most) would be me too. Except the clean looking livingroom. Was that supposed to be messy? LOL.

    1. Thank you Marcy. Well in the picture you can't see how bad the living room actually is. Cushions out, tables needing cleaned, etc...

  3. What a fun post! I love seeing the real side of people...I can relate! I'm almost never out of my jammies before noon. :)