Monday, 4 June 2012

Time for HIM

When my mind finally lifted out of the fog this past few weeks I realized that I was really putting my spiritual time on the back burner. I was still walking the walk, still praying, still talking to Him, but I had not spend much time one on one with Him in a long time.

On the 31 of May I picked up my bible again. I dusted it off and and thought where do I want to start. Last summer I did the B90 challenge. So I thought that is where I want to start again. I want to make sure that I am reading regularly. Make sure that I am taking the time to spend with just Him and His Word.

How wonderful it has been. A few mornings I have gone outside and sat in my lounger while Sarah is doing school work and just read.

Wow did I need this. I needed to get back in touch with Him.
Why did I neglect this for so long?
Why did I once again think that I didn't NEED to spend that kind of time with Him?

As I was reading a Jess's blog post today I realized that I was not the only one that was feeling like they needed to reach out to Him more.

Have you felt like that lately?
What do you do to help keep yourself connect with our Father?


  1. I hear you. I feel like I sometimes put time with God on the bottom of my list when really it should be on the tippetty-top. I always try to keep my line of communication open with my Lord, I can't go anywhere without prayer.

    1. It is amazing how I tend to sometimes put Him second when I ALWAYS need Him first!!

  2. It's so important, and some days I let that time slip through my fingers! I need to set time together with Him, otherwise it just doesn't happen.

    1. I also have to 'plan' Him in. Or at least my bible readings. I talk to Him daily and sometimes hourly or minutely. LOL But if I don't actually make certain that I plan to read my bible I don't and I am sooooo much better with it. :)