Wednesday, 13 June 2012

3 weeks

Wow 3 weeks already.
I can hardly believe how different I feel already. I am starting to feel like I can do this. I have been reading my bible so much more again. Combined with the new diet and the drops life is starting to look approachable again, even with the insane stress that is happening this week. 
I actually feel like cleaning and keeping a house again. I want to have my house be back in order and not just when company comes. hahahaha
I am actually starting to get the desire to quilt again. 
I love that I no longer have no desire to get off my couch and that now I like doing this housework again. 
I will admit that I still take frequent breaks but at least now I am finishing the jobs. 
Even with all that is happening right now I am still once again happy. I can say this whole heartily. Such a great feeling!!

I am still please asking for your prayers!! Things are still really uncertain right now and I desire to do this God's way!!

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