Thursday, 11 August 2011

Keeping it real.

So all in all today was a great day. My 3 in 30 seems to be going really well. I am faithfully reading my bible. Although I did discover or believe that I discovered that the B in 90days is using a condensed bible version and I am not. However my goal is not really to read the bible in 90 days but to just read the bible. This challenge is great for me because well yes I am just a tad competative. Just a wee bit. So even though no one I know is actually doing this right now I know it can be done so why can't I do it as well.

I sorted out my junk drawer in the kitchen today and reorganized it but the biggest of all is I cleaned out our build in china cabinet and made it WAY more user friendly. I am so happy about that!! Sarah and i also did some jars up so we just have to add the wet ingrediants to the bread maker, dump in a jar of powder and voila Bob's your uncle. We also made up a jar of apple cinnamon pancakes. Although I do not care for pancakes myself I know my family does so I decided to switch it up a bit and see what they thought. Maybe next weekend.

So like I said before I am keeping it real.
I was reading a wonderful ladies blog today actually it is one of the first blogs I started reading and she talked about struggles with daily activites, such as house cleaning, not wanting to scream at her children, etc, all while being a Christian and feeling like somehow we should be better than that.

So here I go, although today was great in that I was in a fantastic mood and was really appreciating my family I thought about my children, more specifically my middle.
I love that boy so much. He is so kind hearted, generous, loving, an amazing sense of humour with an uncanny ability to make everyone laugh and yet we struggle. He moved out very shortly after he graduated this year. I truely believe that he just wanted to be away from the rules that I set up here. We don't believe in having parties, especially underaged drinking parties. We don't enjoy overnighters after a certain age. That seems to me like it just screams trouble. We always enforced a bedtime even up through grade 12. So I really believe for him it was too constricting. Now all being said I am thrilled that he is growing up. I am excited for him, truely! I am just so worried about the path that he is on. I know I just have to trust God that it will all work out I still want to have him under my control again so that I can protect him. Oh the joys of motherhood. HAHAHA. I know that when he sorts things out he is capable of amazing things and I can not wait to see them happen.
Oh LORD give me patience and please protect my little boy!
Oh how I love that boy/man.

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