Tuesday, 30 August 2011

First day of school!!! Redone!

Yay I am so happy that I decided to 'redo' the first day of school.
Obviously we can't undo it, but I thought a redo was in order and when I told S this morning she agreed. So after breakie a tiny bit of cleaning, supper into slow cooker and laundry into washer, S made a new sign herself this time, we headed outside for some pics.
This was yesterday with the sign I had printed off.

This is today, new sign she made, new attitude about school from both of us.

Much happier. So for kicks we did a very small photo shoot.

Sorry for the blurriness on this one, I was laughing when I snapped the picture. My crazy kiddo.
I love this one with her hair out of the pony.

So after the photo shoot we went back inside and got down to business. We prayed first thing then we did religion. This was fantastic and it was S's fav class of the day. Then she worked on her own for some social, science and a bit of LA. I stayed in the room with her and managed to get caught up on some of my paperwork.

Then lunch and we were done for the day.

I managed to clean house, make homemade cinnamon buns, apple cookies and diabetic choc chip cookies as well as a new granola bar recipe. All in all a very productive day. In fact it is just after 10:30pm and dishes are done and I have mostly caught up on my blogs so it looks like it might be a decent time for bed tonight. YAY!!!

It just proves to me more and more how much I need God in everything I do. Starting off with prayer in the school room today was by far the best thing I could have done. Thank you Lord for showing me again and having the patience in me when I think I can do it on my own.

PS Hubby is home!!!!!!!!!

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