Sunday, 7 August 2011

Great time away

Wow with the storms, power outages, mini holiday away, I have not been on here for awhile. I haven't even had a chance to blog about my 3 in 30.

So to start with that :
1: Read the bible in 90 days.
I managed to find the challenge on line in a printer friendly verson so I printed it and started reading. Now in the first 2 days it went great, then my life got topsy turvy for a few days and although I am reading everyday since; I have not read my required readings for each day. I do plan once things get back on track to read some extra on certain days and get back on track. If not at least I am reading every day.

2: Get the school room ready and everything ready to go back to school.
I plan to finish sorting things out in there and setting a few things up as well and as as soon as the books come in sort it all out, try and figure out what days we will work on certain subjects. I also want to talk to some of the homeschool mom friends I have and ask what works for them.

3: Work on a menu planning and becoming more budget friendly.
I want to try and save some more money. We want to purchase our first house in the next year and if I can save some money I will try and do it. So I have been reading some blogs that talked about menu planning and to be honest when my kids were little we were SOOO broke so I did the same thing. Then time got away with me I worked away from home and last minute meals become more the norm. So now that I have decided to be more enviro friendly and budget friendly I thought a menu plan would be a great idea. I hope to have that up in the next couple days so I can go to the city for a big grocery shop. ( Prices are cheaper than our little town store)

I also want to try and take pics  and post them of our school room in the next day or so. Hopefully I can get that figured out soon.

Well gonna run off to bed as another fun filled day tomorrow and last day with my handsome hubby. :( Sad about that but it has been a great days off with him.

Night ya all.

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