Wednesday, 10 August 2011

A tad bit of laziness today

Everything started great. I got up right when I wanted to you. I read the bible and even caught up some. I went on facebook and did my stuff and then I made a list of things to do today. All this while having my morning cup of coffee. See it all looks good right? But then I only did some of the things on my list, some I ignored cause lets face it I was just plain lazy.
Yes I did most of my laundry. And yes most of it is folded up and some of it is put away.
Yes I did clean up my kitchen, clean out the cereal cupboard, look up top of fridge for Sarah's report card (not there), go to clean up micro to find it was still really clean. However did not get around to junk drawer.
Yes I did make a brand new recipe for supper tonight that was loved by as all and it is soooo easy. Thank you to a fellow blogger for the recipe for Cheaty Baked Ziti. Sorry I don't remember who had the recipe. However did not get around to making cinnamon buns.
I did not get to my build in china cabinet, I did not get to my filing system, I did not get to my dayplanner or too my calender.
I did phone and make an appointment and got the correct number for the adoption office in town so called and left a message. (has not returned it so will call again tomorrow and the next day and the next day till someone talks to me)
I did manage to get S's sheets washed and she made her bed but I haven't gone in there to throughly ding (even a word? not sure.) it out yet.
Oh well there is always tomorrow. I also want to start working on my quilt that has been in the making for a few years. Would LOVE to have it done when hubby comes home.
See how list grows and grows and grows.
Oh but I really in truely love my job even if some days are lazier then others.

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