Monday, 8 August 2011

Loving life

It always amazes me sometimes what a wide variety of friends my hubby and I have. We went for lunch today with some great friends. My handsome hubby worked with him about 5 years ago and from there our relationship just grew. They are more then 10 years older than us and yet I consider them to be amazing, fantastic friends. We can talk for hours and never seem to get bored and always look forward to seeing them again. We also have younger than us friends and some of the same age. The problem that we seem to have is finding friends that have the same values and interests that we have and are in the same stage of age that we are in.

On another note I did up a menu plan for 3 weeks. I just couldn't do anymore days than that. I shouldn't have tried to do this at 10 at night. However 3 weeks is a start. Not only did I do a menu plan than I also wrote out my grocery list as I am taking hubby to the airport tomorrow so can go shopping at Cosco and to No Frills. Whoohoo for cost effective grocery shopping.

Well off to bed as I need my beauty sleep.
Night ya all.

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