Saturday, 27 August 2011

Treasured time together.

I have elderly parents. My Dad will be 87 in November and my Mom will be 83 in January. I face the fact often that I will not have them around forever and in fact the days that we have left together are shorter.
My parents live 2.5 hours away. Not much really so why do I never go there to visit? I feel guilty about this yet still I let life get in the way. I LOVE spending time with them. I have met up with them lots and try to see them more often, I make plans in my head and then get lazy and stay home. Now why when I know I have less and less time to spend with them do I not visit them more???? I don't know. I just know I have to change that.
Soooo today it was off to make memories at the Blueberry festival in St. Walburg.
This time I was smart and brought my good camera. This is my 'Papa'. I am the only one of the siblings that calls him that, but I have been doing for so long now I have no idea when I started. This man has taught me so much in life. From how to love and make a marriage work to how to change a tire and feed cows, or lay down bedding for the cattle, even feed the gophers. :)   He is a man of few words and I have only seen him get truely angry a handful of times. He has a soft heart and loves, loves, loves his grandkids and totally loves being a grandpa. I see him in all my brother in laws and even in my own handsome hubby but none of them are totally like my papa. This man farmed for many many years until they decided to move to town where he 'retired'. He can still be seen on the golf course for a couple rounds of golf every weekday during the summer and up until about 5 years ago he walked all 18 holes. He curls all winter long and was very active in the bowling as well. He would show off to his grandkids how strong he was by doing single handed pushups and also grabbing onto a post and lifting himself completely horizontal off the ground.

This is my Mom!! She is such a beautiful lady. This women gave birth to 6 babies over the span of almost 22 years. She has taught me so much such as how to keep a good house, look after and love your husband, look after and love your babies, sew, cook, bake, how to be there when your needed most without being asked. She help care for her own aging Mom who lived to be 100. She has endured so much in her life and her spirit is still so strong. She has cared for her family and been the matriarch and one that we all go to.
She has baked countless batches of buns and goodies for us all and sewed many a quilts and clothes. Treasures that we will have forever.

This couple will have been married 63 years this December. Truly something for my handsome hubby and I to work towards achieving.

And now these weary feet can rest.
Now it is our time to assist you.
How many miles must you have walked?
Relax and know that we love you and will care for you.


  1. I love that you call your Dad, "Papa". I also laughed when you said he taught you how to feed gophers. I thought farmers weren't supposed to do that? My in-laws are also in the 80s. One of the advantages to our move was that we could be closer to them and they could see their youngest grandchildren more. I love that my Father-In-Law has a great relationship with middleman. You have been truly blessed by great examples.

  2. Part of the reason we left the island so we could bring our kids closer to their grandparents and I do not regret it one little bit. It is amazing what they can teach us and our children.