Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy Sunday!

Wow was it hot today. I mean like sticky gross heat. Thank the good Lord for the storm we are going to get tonight and cool things down.
Had a fantastic sermon at church today regarding the issue of 6 day creation vs theological evolution. To be honest I am in the middle. I truly believed that God created earth and everything in it. One just has to look around you to see that. Such as a baby in a womb. A beautiful sunset, fall leaves, so on and so on. However I also believe that we have many scientific fact stating how we have evolved. By evolved in my view I mean that although we have been created by God in his image we also have adapted and changed somewhat in our environment.
Oh and on a side note we have a beautiful baby dedication at church this morning. Now normally I just love these things but today, well today was unexpectedly special this morning. This morning was a baby dedication for a pretty newborn adorable baby boy that had both his birth parents there and his adoptive parents there. Yep you heard me right both sets of family were there. I was teary eyed. Not only thinking of the joy that these parents have to be celebrating the birth of their son that they have so long prayed for but also how devastating it would be for the birth parents to watch someone else raise their son. How courageous is that. Wow it really made me speechless. It made me think to when we will be hopefully be getting our new children and how wonderful it will be to dedicate them and share the joy with others and yet how hard it will be on their birth parents. I pray that even now if there is a birth mom out there that God is pointing in our direction that He will help her with her decision and stand with her and the birth dad. I pray they find the strength to let go of their baby/children so that we may be entrusted with their care.

So I did say it was hot today right. LOL soooooo hot. well in the 30s (90sF) too hot for this chicky when I am not relaxing beach side. However like a also said there is a storm tonight. And what a beautiful light show there was to see. Unfortunately when Matt and I tried to go take  pics I was unsuccessful. Oh well maybe next time. Maybe after my new camera? Hint hint hubby. hahahah. I love you my angel.

Well off to bed for this lady. Off to town with a friend tomorrow. Looking forward to some friend time with her. We are both so busy lately that our schedules have not really met up so this will be some nice quality time.

PS did some messing around and changed things on here. What do you think of the new changes?

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