Monday, 15 August 2011

Ahhh friendship!!

I totally lived up to my bloggers name today. Woke up and did my bible reading today. I am zipping right along with my B in 90. Loving that!! Then off to my friends and away we went to town for some serious shopping for her. Very, very minor shopping for me. :) The laughter part well I tell you at one point we were laughing so hard when she stopped for us to go into a store we had to wait in the car to collect ourselves so we did not look like total crazy ladies walking in. Several times today I had tear pouring down my face. So much for my carefully placed make up today. What a great time. I love this lady, she makes me laugh so much and I also love that we are very very often on the same wave length. My only sadness is that she does not share my faith. However she is not oppressed to me sharing about mine with her so that is great.

Then spent a tiny bit of time with my sonny boy before he headed off to bed and a wee bit of time with my girly before it was bedtime for her as well.

Then a bit of bloggy reads and dishes done and now I sit to write this and off to beddy bye I will go.

I am so blessed to have not only an amazing family but also some really great friends. Friends that I can trust and do not judge me.

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