Friday, 12 August 2011

I am so happy, so happy so happy. :)

It was a great day! I accomplished everything but one that was on my list today and even two things that were not on the list I manage to squeeze in.
My girlie and I made homemade cinnamon buns and let me say YUMMY!!! I cleaned and organized and threw tons of stuff away. Can I hear a OH YEA!! for decluttering. That has been my goal this summer. Declutter and reorganize. Hopefully I can stay motivated.

But the real reason I am so happy is...
Wait for it...
Are you ready???

I finally made contact with the social services adoption lady! She is coming out to meet us next Thursday which by the way is my middles 18th birthday! ( maybe a sign?? hahaha)
So since she was coming out I thought it was time we told our youngest our plan. I had held off telling her for awhile cause lets be honest it is awful hard to keep a secret that you might be getting new siblings and we just don't want everyone to know yet. Yes I know I am writing it on here and this is a public blog but lets face it who really reads this but my handsome hubby and he knows all this stuff already. Wow how I can ramble, anywhoooo Rob and I talked and it was agreed on that I would tell her. She was so excited. Right away she put in the order for a baby sister. I told her that it doesn't quite work that way. She really didn't seem to mind. She wanted to know if she was going to be a babysitter, I told her yes sometimes she would be. She then asked if she would get paid, I informed her no she would not be. She tried to haggle but I informed her that in this household we don't get paid to look after family.
All this makes me so happy!! It is FINALLY getting started. Someday when I have more time and energy I will write a post telling you all how we came to this decision but for now...Well you read about all I did do today right? So I am a little tired and tomorrow is Card making day for Sarah and I in town. So early morning as I want to do my devotions before we leave the house by 8:30. 
So night night everyone.

PS so happy!!!

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