Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Living life and happy to do so

I wanted to write a back to school post today along with a couple of cute pics of my girlie starting grade 10, but life got in the way.
Pics never were taken. The first day of grade 10 sheet lay on my printer all day.
Life got in the way.
She started school of with a bang. We worked on her most dreaded subject for a while and then Rob and I had to run.
Life is busy this time of year. Back to formal schooling. Back to dance for her, driving for me. LOL
Rob gets crazy busy at work this time of year.
Life gets in the way.

Yet in spite of all this I am so happy.
God is amazing.
HE has sent such peace and contentment over me.
If you have been ready my previous post, you will have know that life picked it up a notch for us this summer.
Yet peace has remained.
I am sure you all know the saying God does not give more than HE knows you can handle. Well I read somewhere this: " I believe God constantly gives you more than you can handle so that you continually turn to HIM, so HE can help you through anything."
I certainly believe this is true.
All what has happened this summer has been so intense. I know that without continually falling on my knees and laying it before HIM, I would be lost.

So no matter how many times I want to come back here and tell you something that is going on and then something else drags me away I will be at peace.
Life has just got in the way.
But that is alright because God has this.


  1. Sounds like your school year started like ours did...there's always next week.

    1. Oh Marie it has been a year already. Oh well every day is fresh right? :)