Friday, 8 February 2013

Progress?? Not really.

Well I must admit I haven't done a lot towards my goals this week. Why? Well no reason really. Feeling a little bit lazy honestly.

1. Learn to let go and trust God!

Well I think this one is a bit hard to measure. But I do know this. I am feeling more peaceful. I have moments of pure fear still, but I am praying lots. It's so hard to let HIM have the control.

2. Drink more water every day.

Some days are really good and then other days I am still forgetting and then wonder why I am having headaches. LOL
Must work harder on this one.

3. Organizing daily and office.

Nope not a chance, well other than I filed a few bills. LOL However I decided to take a before pic so that I could pressure myself into doing it. LOL

That's right folks, not even close to being pretty. LOL
Hopefully this gives me the incentive I need.

Then the three from last month.
1. Spend every single day with time in the Word.

2. My blog.
Keep regular posting.

3. Our bills.
Keep working on that budget. 

I am still spending at least 6 out of 7 days with HIM and more often than not that 7th day as well. 
My blog, well I wasn't overly inspired this week, like I said I was lazy so not much posting. Hoping to get back into Monday. Our bills, well I found some useful programs I am going to try. If any of you has any great programs you use for your budget, PLEASE sent them to me. I am at a loss here.

Well I am off to spend the weekend with a couple of my sisters. It should be a good time. Lots of laughs and lots of tears. My kind of healing weekend. LOL

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  1. You are bringing over your three goals from last month AND working on three entirely new ones? Sneaky! And ambitious!! I have barely been able to crack the code for the three I have for this month. Looks like you are making progress, though, so congratulations!

  2. Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University, Complete Guide to Money, and/or Total Money Makeover. Awesome!
    Also, and awesome sermon from Robert Morris, Gateway Church.
    God Bless,
    Terri English in Texas