Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Top 10

I thought I would catch you all up on what happened this past week but I also wanted to participate in Top 10 Tuesday so I decided I would combine them.
So typical me this is a bit different. :)

My top 10 memories of this past week.

1. Being sick.
Yep that's right I got sick on Easter Saturday and was sick pretty much all week long. When I say sick I mean SICK. I got a head and chest cold and it decided to go bronchial on me. So I spend a good chunk of the week fighting for breath and feeling like I was drowning.

2. Doing stage rehearsals.
Monday thru Thursday Sarah had stage rehearsals. They went really well I think. See above wasn't overly focused. :)

3. STEPS workers.
I was in charge of the STEPS (her festivals name) workers. I had to make sure everyone showed up for their shifts, did their duties and put out any fires that arose. This was a huge job and I am so thankful that I had for the most part amazing people working.

4. Doing set up and take down.
For set up I literally sat on the floor and just struggled to breath. I tried to organize the people but my mind was a big old fog machine.
Take down I was feeling way better but at that point pretty exhausted. I had walked the entire weekend so I had feet the size of watermelons. hahahahah

5. My hubby.
Without him our poor daughter would have starved. I had no appetite at all so never thought about food for her. Thank goodness he was around. He drove her to and from dance on the weekend and made sure she was fed. I did manage to make sure she drank lots of water. :)

6. Snow
It snowed/rained all weekend. Very normal for this time of year but so aggravating.

7. Some very wonderful people.
These ladies kept me sane!! I was so sick and so crazy by the weekend that they helped me out so much. Without them and without my hubby I would have sat down in the corner and cried.

8. Watching my daughter dance.
Sarah has 7 dances this year. One of them is her very first ever solo. She is doing a tap solo. Watching her on stage was most definitely the highlight of my entire weekend. She shone!! God is doing amazing things in her life. She is growing up so much and maturing. I am so lucky to be her momma.

9. Spending some rare but very important quality time moments with my hubby.
These were very rare but VERY treasured. He means so very much to me. He keeps me grounded and I love watching him interact with our children. He is an amazing father and a fantastic husband. We are lucky that he chose us. :)

10. This is probably my favorite moment of the entire week.
On Saturday I was stressed and I mean STRESSED!! There was some negative talk about me behind my back as well as some bickering going on about the job I was doing. The fact that I was there and working while my mind was not functionally and I was hardly breathing did not seem to weigh in. I was to say the very least upset.
I was hurt and mad and stressed and and and...
At one point while I was checking the bathrooms to make sure they were clean I just stood in front of the mirror and prayed. I asked God for strength. Strength to just get me through the rest of the weekend. Strength to not let this gossip effect me so much. Then I left the bathroom and went on about my job. I started to talk to another dance mom whom is a fellow Christian and she helped me. I went home in a much brighter mood. I was happy and managed to finish the weekend feeling better mentally and physically.
It wasn't until that evening that I realized that God had answered my prayer. He was there for me. He led me to my friend and gave us the opportunity to talk and let me release all my anxiety. I can tell you I mighty praised Him!!!

In short it was a crazy week. I never even turned on my blog all week. However I learned a very important lesson this past week. I knew that I could always count on my hubby and I found out I have some pretty great people that I know, however, I also learned that in my low of lows God is always there for me.

So Hi everyone I am back and I hope that even though things will still be crazy busy for me I can stop in and say hi much more frequently.

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  1. Wow!! You totally had a week - so glad that you were able to reach out to Him when you needed to!!

    1. It was a crazy week. But your right I am so glad I reached out to Him instead of being sucked further away. :)