Thursday, 19 April 2012

I am so blessed

I started to think about today's Thankful Thursday and I knew immediately what I wanted to write.
However as per usual my mind started going through all the things that I could be thankful for and there was an abundance.

-I am thankful for my hubby. He kept me sane and looked after our daughter this past week when I was unable to.
- Great friends whom also knew I was at my breaking point and let me know how much they appreciated me.
-The fact that even though I am not completely healthy, my mind is clear again and I am able to function without being in a constant fog.
-Being able to watch my daughter dance. I truly think there is nothing better for me than being able to watch my children do what they love to do. Whether that is watching them draw, play sports, dance or hanging out together it makes this Mom's heart full.
-Knowing that my hubby is working so hard to provide for our family. He works crazy long days and spends a tremendous amount of time away from home but he never complains about it.
-'Getting to know' some really fantastic ladies here in blog land.
- Getting some more information and slowly moving forward in a big step in our lives.
-My handsome hubby agreeing to meet up with us in Las Vegas! I am so pumped about this one.

I am so blessed.
Thank you Lord for all you have given myself and my family.

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