Tuesday, 13 December 2011

I'm back!

I am so sorry I have been a very bad blogger.

Part of the reason is of course the season and the other part is me. When I get depressed I pull into myself and tend not to want to interact with anyone.

So here is the latest.
We did not get the house. However we will be trying again after winter and honestly I was not overly looking forward to moving that close to Christmas and in the middle of winter to boot.

We are almost done our Christmas shopping and I only have a couple more things to buy then wrap and I will actually be ready. Whoohooo!!

Sarah had her dance exams and did really well so almost done that for this year only a few more dance days left.

I will leave you with this wonderful conversation I had with my daughter last week.
We were driving into dance and we were discussing a friend of hers and what she had wrote on facebook. We were talking about the swearing in the status's. She said she just could not understand it. To quote Sarah she said " come on people like grow up I mean how old are you like what 13???"
I love that my 'baby' is mature enough to understand that she doesn't need to swear just to be grown up.

I am truly blessed.

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