Monday, 30 December 2013

3 in 30 final update for 2013

What a crazy month December has been. 

Of course when I look back at it what a crazy year 2013 has been. 

We went from not sure where hubby would be working to moving and owning our very first home. 

As for this month 3 in 30... Well at least the month is almost done. Lol

1. Time with The Lord. 

As far as my personal time this went pretty well actually. There was a few days in the move that I missed that time and by the end of it I sure knew it. I was snappy, depressed, feeling really out of sorts. Then I sat down and caught up on my study and by the end of it I was a much better person. 

As far as the family I think I failed. We did have birthday cake on Christmas Day but it wasn't really met with fan fare. However I plan to keep this tradition. 

2. Making sure I'm somewhat organized. 

Well I started pretty organized and then things went nuts. The move has taken way longer than I anticipated. I thought maybe 4 days. Nope 8 days on the road with one more to go yet. At least by the end of tomorrow we will be done. Completely. 

3. Focus on being less stressed. 


I did pretty good until exactly a week after possession. I was snappy and irritable. As of that day I had spend every day but one on the road moving. I dug in my heals and we stopped for three days to have Christmas. 

Christmas itself went pretty good. I did my best not to stress over things I had no control over. So it was a pretty laid back day. My oldest made breakfast. All of the kids went out to play in the snow while I finished up supper. After supper we watched a movie while a bunch of them slept. Then we played games until about 1:30 in the morning. All in all it was a pretty great day. 

I'm so looking forward to all 2014 has to offer. 2013 taught me that with Jesus by my side I can handle anything. Although I know that this year is going to have its own set of challenges, aging parents, hubby's longer commute to work, new church, new friends, new community, unpacking, etc I just am so excited to find out where He is leading us to next. 

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