Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My baby is home!!

WhooHoooo!! My baby is home. After a very long and emotional 6 days she is back home. And passed out before 930. Poor girl is so wiped out. She had such a busy 6 days with +35 temps and dancing everyday plus all the other extras included. By last night she was sick. I think some of it was just she was so homesick, but I think the majority of it was plain exhaustion. Her poor body was saying enough is enough think about me. She was so happy to be home but I think even more happy to be in her own bed tonight. Heres hoping she has a great nights sleep.

I have been spending more and more time reading different blogs and less and less time on facebook. I am finding out some really useful information. I never even thought of some of the stuff like homemade laundry soap, or that other parents would write about their homeschooling experiances. I must say it has really opened my eyes. I wish I actually some of these people lived close by me so we could meet but reading their blogs and getting to know some info that way is the next best thing. Besides honestly I am really shy.

Well should get to bed now. Back to the normal grind tomorrow of having Sarah home and work on her review of grade 7. Hopefully she is open to hitting the books once again. We are also off to town tomorrow to get her hair done and hopefully make a trip to the library. Partly for her to pick out some books for summer reading and some for me to learn more about homeschooling and faith wrapped in one.

So for now night night.

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