Monday, 11 July 2011

My baby is coming home tomorrow!

I am so excited. My baby is coming home! Sarah was in L.A. on a dance trip for the past 6 days. Although we have spend more time apart (7days lol ) this time was particulary rough. I am not sure if it is because of everything else going on in my life but I really missed my baby. We have spent alot of time together this last year what with running so much to dance so it seems weird not to have her here all the time. We have decided to try home schooling in the fall and as much as I am nervous about it, I am also very excited about it. Here is a chance to spend time with her, bond with her and help her learn. Get her excited about her education while also maintaining the crazy lifestyle of dance and youth and church related activities.

 It should be a very interesting year with it being just her and  I for the most part with Rob home every other week. My life is changing so fast I can barely keep up.

Now to some more exciting news, I talked with my hubby last night and looks like I will be making some phone calls in the morning to talk to an adoption worker and get the ball rolling. Look like I will be losing my craft room again. :)

I also am getting pumped up about spending some time with just Rob and I next week. We are sorely needing it. With everything that has been going on lately around here and his work stresses not to mention when he gets home he will have been in camp for 19 days, we have been putting each other on the back burner and now it is time for us again. I miss him so much and am very much looking forward to some us time.

Well i guess I should be running off to bed now as am going up to the city to pick up my baby in the afternoon.
Night ya all.

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