Wednesday, 13 July 2011

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Wow I feel like I spent most of the day reading blogs today. I tell you there is some really amazing ones out there that I am getting tons of information on. Info on adoption, homeschooling, reading the bible in 90 days, etc. My mind is so full and yet I can hardly wait to try out of some of the stuff.

So other than that today was pretty calm. We slept in late and when Sarah finally got up and had breakfast we set aside her review lesson plan for the day and she went to work. This is going awesome and I am looking forward to heading up to the city tomorrow to pick up some of the things for the 'classroom'. We will also be stopping at the home town library. I know this is sad but this is a first for us and I am really excited about that. I love books and I love reading and if somehow I can pass that on to my children I would be thrilled. Matt does not overly care for it unless it is something he loves to ready, Brandon likes it quite a bit and I think that he would probably read for a past time. Sarah who has struggled with reading is not quite enjoying it and I am willing to find whatever books it takes to keep her attention. Currently she is into Harry Potter and that is totally alright by me.

Also did a minor bit of baking today made some mini pumpkin muffins. They are sooo good. Sarah even gave them a 4 out of 5 so I am happy.

Well I guess off to the city tomorrow. Some minor shopping tomorrow and friday its gel nails and peds. Gels nails for my sis and I (which I havent had in over 3 years) and peds for Sarah, my sis and I ( which I believe we all need desperatly I mean lets get real who can't use a good pedi. LOL ).
Then off to my other sisters for a girls night Friday and then off to yet another sisters to spend saturday. I am thinking I am going to be exhaused by monday.

Well for now have a good night and I will hope to blog maybe Sunday and let you know how my crazy busy weekend went.

P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE having Sarah home!!!

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