Saturday, 16 July 2011

Awe home sweet home!

Wow what a crazy busy couple of days. Went to the city on Thursday and did some shopping, bought myself some new dressy sandles and a bunch of stuff from Scholar's choice. I love that store, such good resources. Then the evening at my sis's. Friday was gel nails and pedis with my sis and Sarah and then off to Joan's for the night for another visit with her and another sis. Then today it was the lake to visit my parents, two sis's, my daughter, a bro in law and family friend. Pretty fantastic weekend if I do say so myself. Tomorrow is church and then come home and get Sarah ready to head off to camp in the evening.

God is so good! I love being able to do so much with my family and to be able to give my children so many opportunities. I am so blessed to live in a country where I am freely allowed to worship Him and praise Him!! I love being able to take my kids to church and not only teach them about God but also the values and life lessons that come with that.

On a slightly different note am I ever missing my hubby. It has been 16 days since I seen him and it will be another 3 yet. Now we have done longer stretches of time but that doesnt stop me from missing him like crazy now. I would have loved to spent my birthday with him and just been able to hang out with him for the day, but I realize that work has to come first otherwise we would starve. :)

Well I suppose I should run as still have tons to do.
Have a great saturday night!

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