Friday, 29 July 2011

What a bea u tiful day!!!!!!

What a fantastic day!!! Ok ok the start was not great, just can't seem to get up in the mornings, must be something to do with the fact that I am having a terrible time falling asleep. But I am trying to get to bed earlier every night so hopefully I can get back on a normal schedule.

Ok so now back to my great day. I did it!!! Its official!!! I signed Sarah up for homeschooling today!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!! : D. I think she is too but also a little nervous which I am as well. But yea yea yea!!!!! So in saying that as I went to go and grab her last years report card and birth certificate to register her today I could not find either and had to go without them. So I decided that after I dropped S off ( she went swimming and hanging with a friend today) I would go home and work work work on organizing my office. And...Voila...IT'S DONE!!!!!!!

Ok so maybe not Done done but so close I can taste it. I cleaned out the big filing cabinet that I never use except to store junk into and moved it into the school/craft room where it will be much more useful storing school supplies and scrapbooking stuff. Then cleaned out the desk and my little filing cabinet and threw away a couple garbage bags of junk and reorganized it better so it shall be more useful and then...wait for it...are you ready???

I started my very own FCS (filing crate system) I am soooooo pumped about this. Now in my dream world I would have fancy folders and corrospond them for the months and weeks but...I dont live in my dream world. My reality is that I had some new file folders that I had not used up and some that I could recyle so my and my trusty labeler got busy this afternooon and now I have a start to my own fcs. I unfortuately did not fully think this through and never got a grate or something to hold my files in so for now they are stacked neatly up on my desk so my desk still pretty much looks the same but... I have my very own fcs. Can you tell that I am a little pumped up about this? I even have some stuff in them such as my pumpkin stencils in the Sept/Oct file and the snowman soup and cake in the mug labels and recipes in the Nov/Dec files. March/April holds some accounting advice and my St Pattys sash. Things like that. Plus my next weeks file is starting to look full but I am really excited about putting it all into practice. And then maybe just maybe we can get a bit more organized, Something I think we are really going to need with S homeschooling, dance, gymnastics and youth this year.

Well since I did all that today my house looks like a tornado hit it so gonna clean tomorrow and then church and maybe golfing on Sunday. And then monday I get to tackle organizing the school/craft room.

I love it!!!!! Plus after all that I get the huge reward of hubby coming home on tuesday. I love my life!!! God is amazing!!!!!

Night ya all.

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